1,000 Ideas and Activities for Language Teachers has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 10 reviews.

1,000 Ideas and Activities for Language Teachers

5 star rating 10 Reviews

A collection of 1,000 engaging, easily modifiable and ready-to-use ideas and activities. Designed to work with a wide variety of language learners from younger school-aged beginning learners to adults.

Interesting! Are they really that good?

Within the first 4 pages of this book, you'll already have 8 completely different activity ideas and 16 recommended websites to use in the classroom or for homework. In 5 minutes, you can be ready for your lesson tomorrow!

  • hundreds of teachable hours of language learning lessons
  • Some ideas are shorter, while some include 4 parts, a web link, and a copiable assessment sheet for students to fill out.
  • 48 copiable classroom handouts + an additional 44 activity assessment sheets for handouts or homework
  • 130 web resources for not just reading, but also listening and accent comprehension
  • Tons of activities for turning ANY current event into a classroom activity in a few minutes!

About the author

Sean Banville, the creator of BreakingNewsEnglish, has been working in the field of ESL for over 20 years. His activities show you how to use a news article about a subject that interests your students to make them hungry for more information on the subject in English as well. He knows exactly what language teachers need after his own decades of trial and error in the field. Sean tested these ideas, and is sharing the ones that succeeded!

Written by a real teacher, for real teachers!

The numbers aren't the only things impressive about this book. It’s a common sense approach only a teacher could write. Sean Banville divides the book into the sections language teachers need, such as over 100 warm-up activities to "get into the ‘English mode’" and while-reading activities to "reduce the pressure of cold reading." These are the descriptions of a teacher who understands how to help language learners. Other activities are separated into those that will help your students before and after reading or listening. You know exactly where your students struggle most, and so does Sean. Just turn to the appropriate section and you can have an activity for tomorrow in just a few minutes.

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