30 Student Activation Tactics You Need To Know

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Teacher-tested ways to “activate” your students, with activities, lesson plans and how-to guides that turn disinterest into outstanding participation.

What exactly are those tactics?

  • 210 teacher-tested tips to help students participate to the fullest
  • 35 instructions in “must read” sections to help you be the best teacher possible
  • 25 concepts to improve your students’ motivation
  • 75 ideas in several activities to “activate” the highest levels of classroom participation

Just like flipping a switch. Or pressing a button.

In your teaching career, don't you occasionally wish that you could just flip a switch that could turn a struggling student into a master of the English language? Or press a button that would suddenly make your class participate in a lesson that they’ve been struggling to connect with? “Student Activation” is filled with lessons, guides and activities that help you “flip the switch” and give your students the encouragement and inspiration they need so they can truly enjoy learning ESL!

When will I get it?

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