The Entire BusyTeacher Library: 80 PDF E-Books for English Teachers

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what's Inside?

80 PDF e-books that will dramatically improve the way you teach. This collection includes thousands of practical activities and actionable, teacher-tested tips for your lessons. The Entire BusyTeacher Library can turn you into a pro at teaching English in a variety of areas, if you read and use it. Combined with over 16,000 free printable worksheets available for instant download on our main site (no registration required; not included here), it will save you hours of lesson preparation time every week.

Simple, yet powerful. Each of the 80 e-books is a PDF file with 40-50 three-column pages of simple, straightforward instructions and teacher-tested activities. You can put them into action in your own classroom immediately.

Focused. Each title focuses on a particular topic or skill such as grammar, speech, business English, or classroom management. We cover specific age groups (such as young learners) and proficiency levels (such as Elementary and Pre-Intermediate).

Whom are these books for?

English teachers only; ESL, EFL, TESL, and TEFL in particular. Don't get the Entire BusyTeacher Library if you teach Math or Arts; although it contains many universal ideas that can be adapted to any classroom, you probably won't be using it a lot. Though most effective for new teachers, the Library's practical, easy-to-implement strategies will appeal to English teachers of any grade level, subject area, or level of expertise, as well as to anyone seeking to find answers to classroom challenges and improve teaching skills.

School teachers will love the ability to instantly find the topics they need for their next lesson, using the single-document version of the Library.

Online and one-on-one English teachers will be able to apply most of the teaching tips in this collection to their teaching with minor adjustments.

Why is the Entire Library better than individual titles?

This collection is $80 for all 80 titles. If you purchase them individually, at $10 each, it will cost you $800 for the set. Buying them as a bundle saves you $720.

Which titles are included?

Below is the full list of 80 titles, sorted by topic and proficiency level. Click on each topic to see the books; then click on each title to view the content, description and sample pages.

By the numbers:

  • 1,000 warm-up activities to start or finish any lesson. Example: "FEEL THE MUSIC: Let students listen to a piece of music that either has no words or is in a language not spoken by class members. Tell the students to describe how the music made them feel and ask them to describe what they thought the music was about."
  • 2,100 writing/speaking prompt ideas that you can use with zero preparation. Example: "From the perspective of a bear, what would it be like to run into humans in the forest?" This is useful for teaching conditionals as well!
  • 150 ESL "cheat sheets" featuring foolproof how-to’s with step-by-step directions and clear examples.
  • 500 tips for teaching grammar alone.


There are several ways you can navigate through each title when viewing them individually:

  1. Scroll page by page with your mouse or by pressing left- and right-arrow buttons on your keyboard
  2. Click any article title on the Contents page to go directly to that article
  3. Click the bookmark icon in the left-hand panel and select the article you'd like to view. Click on 'BACK TO CONTENTS' if you need to go back at any time. (Note: there are no bookmarks in the Creative Prompts or Warmers titles because they have no table of contents).


Is there a way to search across all titles?

Yes! A single-document version (one PDF file containing all 80 e-books) is included. You can press Ctrl+F (or Command+F on a Mac) and find all instances of a keyword across all titles. (On iOS or Android, you can search the PDF file with your favorite PDF reader app.)

When and how can I get it?

You can start reading your first book in 3 minutes. Add the Library to your cart and use any major credit card or a PayPal account to purchase it. In 2-3 minutes, we'll send you an email with your personalized download link. All e-books are in PDF format, so once you've downloaded them to your computer, smartphone, or tablet, you'll be able to view them at any time. You can also print them out and take them with you. You don't need a password to open or copy the PDFs. See the ReadMeFirst.txt help file that comes with your downloaded titles.

If you haven't received the download link within an hour, check your junk mail or spam folders. If you still can't find it, contact us at, and we'll re-send the download link to you ASAP. If you ever lose your files (even a year from now), email the order ID to us and we'll reactivate your download link.

Will I receive paper copies?

Unfortunately, no. We understand that you may be used to having a pile of resource books on a shelf in your classroom, but we chose to move to a digital-only format because it allows us to keep our prices affordable for most teachers. The entire BusyTeacher Library is only available online as a digital download and is sold exclusively on this website. You won't find our titles in bookstores.

 Wow! What a fantastic resource. I’m really so impressed both in terms of quantity and quality of materials and ideas. It certainly is an entire library. I don’t think I’ll ever need to buy another ELT book again. 

Nik Peachey, teacher trainer, commissioning editor for the BBC – British Council’s Teaching English website (2003-2007)

Jeffrey Hill  Perfect for teachers seeking original ideas for the new school year or wanting to upgrade their skills. Virtually every topic you could think of is covered, so it's a fantastic resource for both novice teachers and more experienced ones. 

Jeffrey Hill, The English Blog, Founder