30 ESL Cheat Sheets: Holiday Edition

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Thirty "cheat sheets" filled with lesson plans, craft ideas, and links to outside resources and BusyTeacher worksheets for perfect holiday lessons.

Every holiday can be a happy holiday with BusyTeacher

  • 30 print-ready cheat sheets for creating unforgettable and culturally appropriate holiday-themed lessons
  • 11 different holidays covered
  • 150 ideas for helping ESL students embrace and understand holidays
  • 30 tips for turning the first day of school into a holiday of its own

Crafts, worksheets and so much more

This book is also filled with links to outside resources to accentuate your holiday lesson plans, such as craft ideas, videos, Christmas carols, books and even more. You'll also find several clickable links that will take you to relevant BusyTeacher worksheets so that you'll be prepared not just with a full lesson plan, but also with handouts and possibly homework. For example, instead of spending time searching for Christmas games, one of the holiday cheat sheets will provide a resource with 20 games and carols specifically adapted for ESL learners. We've already found the resources, so you can focus on the parts of lesson planning that matter to you.

BusyTeacher 'cheat sheets' teach you holiday magic

Making sure that your students are prepared to face national holidays in an English speaking culture isn't just about turning them into well-rounded ESL speakers. It's also an opportunity to highlight the fun part of language learning. Often, students' brains can be overloaded by too many hard facts at once and they may start to experience burn out. A "day off" for a holiday lesson that includes some subtle skill-strengthening activities can be a great way to provide students with a cultural introduction. At the same time, you give them a short break from hard lessons, so that they can focus on the fun aspects of learning a language and return refreshed the next day.

When will I get it?

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