The Art Of Teaching Writing

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Turn your class writing time from boring to breathtaking. Your students will no longer dread pulling out their notebooks.

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  • 345 step-by-step instructions for mastering the art of teaching writing
  • 70 ideas for teacher improvement in BusyTeacher’s "must read" sections
  • 125 thoughts for direct writing development, in areas like editing, spelling and pre-writing

This is a 73-page, 3-column PDF e-book with actionable ideas, detailed instructions, activities and teaching tools to help your ESL students blossom into fluent writers.

What turns struggling students into world-class writers? An artistic touch!

The second entry in BusyTeacher's "Art of Teaching" Series, and a follow-up to our well-received "The Art of Teaching Grammar," this book provides you with everything you need to take your writing lessons to the next level. If your ESL students have been stumbling over their writing assignments without grasping how to display their creativity in English, give them the tools that they need to make the leap forward. Turn your next class writing activity into a fun and memorable event!

Show your students all the art contained in the world of English writing

As a teacher, you gain great pleasure from watching your students succeed. When ESL students master the art of writing in English, a whole world of creativity and communication opens. They can accomplish anything from getting the perfect job to writing a heartfelt letter. If writing time stresses your students and you’re running out of ideas, it’s time to introduce them to the art of writing, the BusyTeacher way!

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