How to Teach Adults Like a Pro: 30 Secrets Every Teacher of Adult ESL Learners Should Know

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Exclusive ways to reach adult language learners and help them learn and retain information, and how to deal with problems unique to teaching ESL for adults.

Adult learners: a completely different set of issues?

It’s no surprise that language learners at different life stages face different problems in the classroom. Adult learners present a completely different set of issues than younger learners, which is why the BusyTeacher staff has put together this book of ESL teacher-tested methods that are geared specifically for adult learners. Our instructors have already encountered the most common problems with adult learners, so they’ve provided you with the solutions before your classes even start.
Here's what is included:

  • 30 lessons designed specifically for adult learners by our most experienced ESL instructors
  • 190 tips and tricks for reaching adults learners with ESL lessons targeted to their needs
  • 50 tips in special “must read” sections for ESL instructors of adults learners
  • 34 step-by-step “how to” instructions teaching you trade secrets from other ESL teachers

Totally different goals, too!

Adults language learners don’t usually have the same goals as younger learners. While younger learners are often focused on grades, and consider ESL a part of their curriculum or an extra-curricular, adults are learning English for a very specific purpose. This purpose is so important that they’re sacrificing time from a busy adult life to devote to your class. Unlike students learning in school, they may also be starting with no English skills at all. That’s why this book provides you with all the tools you need to take adult learners as completely basic beginners and shows you how to teach them foundational skills, assess their goals, and move them toward using their English skills for things like telephone calls and résumés.

Plenty of ways to avoid problems along the way

Adults may also be more in-tune to the errors that you make than younger learners that accept a teacher’s authority. That’s why we’ve included tips on classroom management catered to dealing with adult learners, as well as clever ways to handle student errors, and delicate ways to handle cultural conflict. You may also have to help your adult students with their own problems, like class attendance. We have tips for that, too.

When will I get it?

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