How to Teach English Online and One-on-One Like a Pro

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Tips and tricks you need to translate your ESL class teaching skills into online and one-on-one lessons, for success in these new ESL fields.

Two things are changing the educational landscape drastically and quickly

Those two things are the integration of the Internet in learning and the desire for one-on-one lessons. Online classes make learning English more accessible for students and one-on-one lessons allow students to learn in an environment that meets their needs. But traditional ESL teaching methods and lesson plans aren’t designed for these situations, so what do you do? You rely on BusyTeacher, since we only publish books filled with tips that have been tried and found effective by teachers just like you, working in situations like the one you’re facing.
Here's what's included in this book:

  • 175 step-by-step instructions for teaching in cutting edge ESL environments
  • 50 tips and tricks for learning about and mastering one-on-one lessons
  • 115 tips for teaching ESL like a pro to students successfully online

A great experience for both you and your students

While you may feel overwhelmed by the unknown when facing a totally new teaching environment, our books are designed to help you especially in those situations. You’ll notice that the two halves of this book each have several “must read” sections where our experts give you tips on what to expect from online and one-on-one teaching, and how to decide which may work best for you, your lifestyle and even your bank account. Other sections show you how to make teaching ESL online or private lessons a great experience for both you and your students. You may even find this book boosts your confidence enough to teach online and individual lessons during the same term, if it fits your schedule! We provide you with the information you need to design ESL plans that will make you the best teacher possible, whether you’re facing one student in a private lesson or 100 through a computer screen.

When will I get it?

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