How to Teach Reading Like a Pro: Book 2

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Get your students on the path to reading like native English speakers. Tips and lesson plans to transition them from struggling readers into students who can tackle reading anything in English.

How is it different from Part 1?

  • 29 sections jam-packed with thoughts to strengthen your students as readers
  • 115 tips and tricks for the best reading-based activities and lessons
  • 90 ideas you must know to set up the best ESL reading classes, from why to use graded readers to best practices on teaching reading skills

Tell me more about it!

This is a 41-page, 3-column PDF e-book with our advice on how help your ESL students learn to love reading, while becoming excellent readers.!

Reading in any language is the key to education, employment and enjoyment

Your students’ ability to read in English will probably affect the entire course of their lives, so it’s imperative that you give them the best jumpstart that you possibly can when it comes to learning to read in English. This book taps into all the latest from our ESL experts on how to turn your students into champion readers.

Knowledge is power and all that power is contained in books

Help your students gain this power! You’ve probably heard it said many times that knowledge is power. All the knowledge of the world is contained in books and many of them may only be available in English. Your ESL students should have the ability to read anything that they want, and when you use the very best methods to teach them to read in English, you’re giving them that ability. They gain power for the rest of their lives that will allow them to apply for a wider range of jobs and education programs, and have a whole world of entertainment better than almost anything on TV. We’ve gathered the very best from BusyTeacher to make you the very best ESL reading teacher you can be, and wait until you see how your students benefit from it!

When will I get it?

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