How to Teach Young Learners Like a Pro 2

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A follow-up to our popular How to Teach Young Learners Like a Pro title, with the latest information from BusyTeacher experts on how to cater your ESL teaching skills, activities, and classroom management style to younger students. This is a 42-page, 3-column PDF e-book that will help you turn young ESL students into big English learning successes.

Hmmm... What exactly will I find inside?

  • 230 new thoughts on how to cater to young ESL learners, including:
  • 85 ideas for your professional development and classroom management, designed for teaching young students
  • 90 tips for activities, games, and lessons geared to young learners
  • 50 concepts for teaching specific ESL skills to young students, from grammar to pronunciation

Find the motivation, intelligence, and creativity inside young ESL learners

It can be difficult teaching English to young students. They’re already filling their brains every day with new concepts on almost every subject in their native language. But younger students have a unique adaptability that allows them to flourish when it comes to learning languages, and we can help you tap into this. Your job is to find the very best methods to help them learn, and fortunately, they’re all here, in this title.

Helping young kids become better students. Helping you become a better teacher

Teaching younger learners requires an entirely different approach than older students, as their learning styles and motivations may be very different. This title is packed with sections on how you can develop as a professional so that you can help young students benefit the most from lesson plans and activities designed specifically to help them learn. Start using the information in this book today and you’ll find that you’re connecting with even your youngest ESL students like never before!

Awesome, how can I get it?

This is a PDF e-book, so you won't have to wait days for delivery. You'll receive your personalized download link immediately after payment. No shipping and no waiting involved.