Hear and Say: New Ways of Teaching Listening and Pronunciation

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Filled with everything you need to teach ESL listening and pronunciation, with over 150 teacher-tested tips to get students motivated to listen and speak differently.

Turn frustrations into triumphs

As an ESL teacher, you know lessons on listening and pronunciation can be among the most stressful for students. The pressure of feeling time-limited by listening exercises can be very difficult for learners. So can the pressure to get a certain pronunciation correct or getting it incorrect repeatedly. That's why we've assembled this book, filled with ways to turn some of the hardest lessons into the most accessible, and frustrations into triumphs!

  • 16 sections to liven up your listening lessons
  • 8 sections for planning perfect pronunciation lessons
  • 150 tips to help your students master listening and pronunciation
  • Color-coded headings, steps and takeaways that are easy to reference

Exciting new ways to achieve perfect pronunciation lessons

Sections on pronunciation are designed to work perfectly with those on listening. One section can teach you how to design a pronunciation diagnostic quiz just for your students, while other sections will provide you with the resources you need for hours and hours of pronunciation lessons, with something for every level of ESL learner.

How to completely change the way you teach ESL listening

We don't think that it's overdramatizing to say this book has sections that will revolutionize the way that you teach listening to your ESL students. Instead of relying on outdated tapes that bore your students, learn how to use popular music, funny videos, movies and television to encourage your students to develop their listening skills by playing what they want to hear. Not only will you find ways to encourage your students in this book, but you'll also find step-by-step instructions for writing your own quizzes, evaluating ESL listening skills, and tailoring lessons to different experience levels.

When will I get it?

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