Speaking Specialist

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This follow-up of sorts to our ‘Simply Speaking’ is filled with lessons to help you take your speaking class to a new level, with advanced activities and teaching techniques.

What exactly are those 'advanced activities and teaching techniques'?

  • 170 tips and tricks for designing even more specialized speaking classes
  • 50 ideas in activities sections for new, engaging speaking fun
  • 33 step-by-step instructions in our “must read” sections to help you today

This is a 35-page, 3-column PDF e-book with all the lessons you need to start dealing with students who need more specialized and advanced speaking lessons.

If your speaking class is learning quickly, you need to be one step ahead

As a teacher, you may either find yourself in charge of a speaking class that contains advanced learners, or you may find that thanks to the lessons in “Simply Speaking,” your learners are becoming advanced. You need lessons that will help you design a more specialized class that moves with your students and meets them at their level, with even more fun activities that single you out as not just a speaking teacher anymore but a true… Speaking Specialist.

Help your students start building the bridge to fluency

When your students first started learning English, and perhaps when you first started teaching ESL, it was hard to imagine a day of real fluency arriving. But that’s not only a real, but also a very achievable goal for every ESL learner at some point. By combining important lessons with fun activities, you’re creating positive connections that help your students start with those first tentative steps towards true, spoken fluency, so they can have conversations with native English speakers whenever they want. When they can take the language out of the classroom and start making friends and having adventures, that’s when English becomes real!

When will I get it?

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