ESL Emergency: 150+ ESL Games, Role Plays & Drama Activities

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Games that will make language learning even more fun and accessible for your students, and instructions that will help you integrate games into classes with great success!

Sounds interesting! What exactly are those games?

We went back and forth on whether to call this book "ESL Emergency," but that's exactly what these 150+ games solve - many of your urgent classroom situations!
Whether you're dealing with unmotivated students, repetitive lessons, a gap in the lesson plan, or students simply aren't grasping the concepts, ESL games can be a huge help in the classroom.

  • 30 sections filled with ideas for games, dramas and role-plays
  • 60 unique role playing ideas
  • 19 ideas for full-scale drama activities in the classroom
  • 100 unique game ideas to take up as much or as little class time as needed
  • "must read" sections with tips for teaching ESL games like a pro

Games can turn group frustration into an entire classroom having fun

Your class has been struggling with a concept for some time. You've tried various methods. The students are frustrated. They're getting restless. You're just not sure how to make the information sink in, and it feels like nothing is working. It's time to take some of the pressure away! In this book, you'll find pre-designed games to tackle issues like vocabulary, grammar, spelling, pronunciation and all manner of conversational skills.

Full of explanations for ESL games that make sense

Unfortunately, sometimes game ideas are provided to you but not every base has been covered. You begin to play a game with your class only to discover that there's a "hole" in the game, something that doesn't make sense, leaving you scrambling to save the lesson. The games in "ESL Emergency" are well thought out, ESL teacher-tested, and explained in great detail so you aren't left wondering what to do next. Combined with the "must read" instructions on how to teach games to ESL learners, you'll find them becoming an essential part of your weekly activities, and one that your students look forward to.

The tools you need for endless ESL games

In addition to all of the other important information contained in this book, we've also included steps to help your students design their own games! Once they've experienced several successful ESL games in your class, follow the easy instructions to help them let their creativity flourish and you may end up with more games that can be enjoyed by students for years to come.

When will I get it?

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