24 ESL Cheat Sheets (Back To School Edition)

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Tips and tricks you need for a well-rounded, fun back-to-school experience for your students.

Are they really that good?

Yes. It is possible to strike the right kind of balance between allowing students to have fun and get to know each other. All that - while still focusing on English from the moment the classroom door opens. That's exactly what these cheat sheets are for!

  • 24 printable, back-to-school cheat sheets
  • 150 step-by-step instructions for mastering the back-to-school classroom
  • 35 bonus tips and tricks

What exactly is covered?

These cheat sheets cover everything from how to introduce yourself to how to end a lesson. More importantly, when you read these cheat sheets, you'll see the touch of other ESL professionals. Only they would come up with the idea of introducing yourself, and then testing your students' listening comprehension to see if they understood your introduction, so you can adjust it for future classes. That's thinking in terms of ESL!

But what if something goes wrong?

If your lessons aren't getting off to the start you've envisioned, this book even contains cheat sheets for what we would call classroom crisis management, whether it's turning a disastrous lesson around completely, short activities to use when a lesson isn't going as planned, or tips on how to excel at being a high school teacher when you're facing a notoriously tough crowd. You'll be ready for anything, for the most successful back-to-school ever!

When will I get it?

This is a PDF e-book, so you won't have to wait days for delivery. You'll receive your personalized download link immediately after payment. No shipping and no waiting involved.