300 NEW Creative Prompts

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With 300 prompts of varying complexity, you'll never have to repeat an idea with your creative writing ESL students.

Hmmm... What are those prompts? Tell me more!

  • 200 "question" prompts, featuring "who," "what" or "why"
  • 50 descriptive prompts, allowing your students to describe things
  • 50 multi-part prompts, for longer assignments and advanced learners

While subjects such as spelling and grammar seem to have a hard set of items that must be taught, a creative writing class or lesson is only limited by the imagination of the teacher, which can be difficult if you're having an "off" day.

What can I use them for?

There are prompts for every writing purpose, enough for several terms! Use them for everything from 5-minute activities to multiple page papers (depending on how you present them to your class). Or even create a short list of prompts for students who would like to do extra credit assignments. Simply choose from the selection of question-based prompts, descriptive prompts, or multi-part prompts to inspire longer and even more creative answers.

So, they are only for homework, correct?

No! These creative writing prompts can also be used for several different forms of in-class activities. They can serve as creative warm-up writing exercises, take-home assignments, creative writing term papers, and even creative essay questions on tests.

When will I get it?

This is a PDF e-book, so you won't have to wait days for delivery. You'll receive your personalized download link immediately after payment. No shipping and no waiting involved.