300 Creative Story Starters

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300 unique ideas that will serve as a platform for discussion and prompts that help your ESL students write unique, creative stories.

Sounds interesting! How does it all work?

Ideal for storytelling, not just creative writing! This is a 27 page PDF e-book with 300 ideas to help your ESL students start their most imaginative stories ever.

  • 100 ideas that can easily be turned into multiple part assignments
  • several creative story starters that can become semester writing projects (writing movie sequels, historical perspectives, alternative endings, etc.)

How is it different from your other 'creative prompts' titles?

Unlike our books of creative prompts, these are story starters. They serve two purposes. First, if you're teaching ESL creative writing, then you may have already discovered that story writing calls for a different kind of prompt - something that provides a full framework for students. The second purpose of these starters is their relevance not just for ESL creative writing teachers, but for all teachers.

In some of our titles about teaching topics like a pro, we cover the importance of storytelling as a tool for getting topics to really sink in. It's hard to get students invested in storytelling until you allow them to become part of the process of creation. These story starters will help your students build their confidence by providing them with a safe frame for telling stories, because they'll be working from the same foundation as all their classmates.

300 ways to bring English skills to life

These aren't just story starters. They are 300 ways for your students to use their English skills to create a world of their own choosing. Their imagination can help them feel like they have control over things that may previously have stressed them, like spelling and grammar.

When will I get it?

This is a PDF e-book, so you won't have to wait days for delivery. You'll receive your personalized download link immediately after payment.