CCSS Fifth Grade Math Worksheet Packs

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Download Top Class Plus complete worksheet packs for Fifth Grade students ages 10-11.


notes for the teacher

a detailed lesson plan

warm-up activity

detailed theory for explaining mathematical concepts to students

assisted learning activities

independent learning activities (with answer keys provided)

fun games and extension activities

editable file format!

    Each lesson is aligned to CCSS codes. For Fifth Grade, there are 25 lessons with 10 or more activities! Each file is editable in Google Slides, PowerPoint or similar, to suit your needs.
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    Download complete lessons for: 

    Operations and Algebraic Thinking

    • 5.OA.1
    • 5.OA.2
    • 5.OA.3

    Numbers and Operations in Base Ten

    • 5.NBT.1
    • 5.NBT.2
    • 5.NBT.3
    • 5.NBT.4
    • 5.NBT.5
    • 5.NBT.6
    • 5.NBT.7

    Numbers and Operations: Fractions

    • 5.NF.1
    • 5.NF.2
    • 5.NF.3
    • 5.NF.4
    • 5.NF.5
    • 5.NF.6
    • 5.NF.7

    Measurement and Data

    • 5.MD.1
    • 5.MD.2
    • 5.MD.3
    • 5.MD.4
    • 5.MD.5


    • 5.G.1
    • 5.G.2
    • 5.G.3
    • 5.G.4

    Who is this for?

    Top Class Plus Math Packs are perfect for homeschooling parents, tutors, newly-qualified teachers, and even experienced ones. Everything is provided to deliver a fun, engaging and effective lesson in math. You don't even need to be a teacher, as we explain the theory and concepts for you. 

    These files are digital, so you can edit them, share them with your online class, or print them for traditional classroom environments.


    When will I get it?

    This is a zipped bundle download, so you won't have to wait days for delivery. You'll receive your personalized download link immediately after payment. No shipping and no waiting involved. If you haven't received your download link within an hour, contact and we'll resend you the link right away.