ESL Cheat Sheets: Classroom Management Edition

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34 'cheat sheets' on how to take control of your classroom, increase productivity and target problems, with printable step-by-step instructions.

OK, my classroom could use a little management. What exactly are those 'cheat sheets'?

This is a 41-page 3-column PDF e-book of cheat sheets for making your classroom and students as productive and efficient as possible, while keeping learning fun.

  • 34 cheat sheets divided into 4 targeted sections based on where you need help most
  • 100 ESL teacher-approved strategies for managing a classroom
  • 40 tips targeted to younger ESL students
  • 50 tricks specifically for adult language learners

All at once, or one at a time!

Read them all to increase your range as a teacher, or one at a time for emergencies! You can either read these cheat sheets all at once to prepare for any problems that may arise, or you can search this book for your specific problem in the event that you're already in an "emergency" situation, dealing with a loud student, a noisy class, a cultural clash, and difficult or Facebook-obsessed students.

Is this for adult or child learners?

The cheat sheets in this book really are like having a cheat code in a game when it comes to certain learners. It feels as if you’re skipping several levels, and suddenly you're "advanced" at teaching adult learners or child learners, by following the step-by-step instructions included, allowing you to bypass or solve problems that often trip up inexperienced teachers. Even if you're new to the world of ESL teaching, it doesn't mean that you have to suffer through reinventing the wheel of "problem solving." The answers are already here, discovered and tested by other ESL instructors! Learn how to cater your lessons to Japanese adult learners, find homework that really works for adult learners, learn whether stickers are a good idea for child ESL learners, and much more.

When will I get it?

his is a PDF e-book, so you won't have to wait days for delivery. You'll receive your personalized download link immediately after payment. No shipping and no waiting involved.