Classroom Management Magic

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Tips and tricks to help you be the best manager of your classroom possible, so you can teach efficiently and students can learn effectively.

Hmmm... I could really use a little magic!

We called this book “Classroom Management Magic” for a reason Teachers who used it write to tell us about classes totally transformed from chaotic scenes of loud, unhappy students to positive learning environments where ESL students can truly absorb new English skills and support each other. We admit that it sounds too good to be true, but that's why we called it magic. The tips and methods contained in this book really can make all the difference in the world.

  • 30 topics covered for turning your classroom into a happy place with helpful students
  • 20 important “must read” tips for organizing your classroom more efficiently NOW
  • 190 teacher-tested tricks for becoming the “captain” of a well-balanced classroom

From fixing student problems to fixing teaching problems

Part of what our customers love about this title in BusyTeacher's library is that it doesn't just focus on fixing problems with students, such as too little speaking or insecurity, because that's not all that is required for perfect classroom management. You have to examine ways to improve as a teacher. That's why several of the “must read' sections focus on teacher issues, like how to move toward a student-centric classroom and what to do if you don't speak your students' first language. The most well-managed classrooms start with the most well-organized teachers, so that's what we aim to help you become.

Like a first aid kit

This book is a bit like a first aid kit. You don't need it when things are going perfectly, but at some point, you can guarantee someone is going to metaphorically “cut their finger” and need this first aid kit. Be prepared to manage your classroom as effectively as possible from the very first day of classes, before problems arise.

When will I get it?

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