Manage Your Classroom Like A Pro: Busy Teacher's Top 25 Secrets

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25 lessons on managing your classroom, keeping students happy, engaged and learning in a calm, organized environment.

Hmmm... What exactly is included?

  • 25 of our most popular classroom management secrets and a bonus hi-res poster
  • 150 tips and tricks for handling classroom management issues
  • 45 step-by-step “how to” instructions that teach you to manage situations now

This is a 34-page, 3-column PDF e-book with the lessons you need to create a calm environment with the perfect balance of fun and discipline for ESL learning.

As a teacher, you’ll eventually face everything

ESL is a difficult subject for many students and that can lead to a litany of problems in the classroom. As a teacher, you’ll eventually face everything from dealing with a student who has a relative “die” at least twice a week, to truly troubled students who struggle in class. That’s why we’ve gathered 25 classroom management secrets in one place, so that you could handle a wide array of classroom management problems just like a pro would do it.

The sign of a true professional is how his or her classroom operates

Teachers will always be judged on the performance of their classroom. If you tell your students to stop what they are doing and they continue with their individual tasks while a school administrator is standing next to you, it will reflect very poorly on you. Unfortunately, you may be very good at communicating information to students, but discipline and classroom management is simply part of being a professional teacher who can control their classroom. That’s why the tips and tricks in this book are more important than in the past, with students more open to distractions that can invade the classroom than ever before. Part of looking like a pro is controlling your classroom like one. Use the tips and tricks in this book to have a calm, functioning classroom that is the jewel of your school.

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