ESL Edge: How to Teach ESL Like a Pro

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A collection of writings from veteran ESL teachers with step-by-step instructions on how to become an ESL pro. Start mastering the essentials, teacher productivity, student and teacher motivation and classroom discipline today!

Perhaps our most important title yet for teacher development

This is perhaps our most important title yet for teacher development, giving you the skills you need to plan for and take control of any ESL lesson.
As the need for ESL teachers has grown, more individuals with less training have entered the market. Often schools and training centers don't know if they're hiring someone who just has perfunctory experience or is a true pro. This is the book that can make sure you move firmly into the latter category, and stand out as an ESL teacher that can handle any situation.

  • 43 articles in four important sections that every ESL pro needs to master
  • 70 step-by-step instructions in our "essential" sections on becoming an ESL pro
  •  60 tips and tricks for teacher motivation and productivity
  • 130 teacher-tested tips to master teaching ESL student discipline and motivation
  • 30 ways to quickly "fix" ESL issues, from bad lessons to entitled students

Start reading this book before the first day of class

Reading this book from cover to cover allows you to walk into an ESL classroom, assess the situation, the students' learning level, plan lessons accordingly, motivate and reward good behavior, control and cut down on poor behavior, and end up at the top of a harmonious ESL environment. That's why we recommend that you start reading the sections on essentials and teacher productivity right now. The articles in these two sections, all together featuring 134 tips to take your ESL teaching to the next level, will prepare you to answer job interview questions for an ESL teaching position, to face a new ESL class, or even to teach other ESL teachers.

Gain control of your classroom and keep it

This book also contains all the teacher-tested tips you need for student discipline and motivation, so that once you've followed the easy step-by-step instructions for getting students involved, you can keep them on course. If you're already in the middle of teaching and running into unmotivated or even difficult students, then this book can double as an emergency resource. Download it in one minute, turn to the sections you need to raise student morale and discover 10 ways to talk to difficult students, then read the sections filled with essential tips at your leisure.

When will I get it?

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