ESL Problem Solver

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Tips and tricks you need to solve some of the most common problems you’ll face as an ESL teacher, not just in the classroom, but everywhere.

Sorry, those problems won't go away on their own!

As an ESL teacher, you may find it odd that the more comfortable you become with your vocation, the more problems you begin to recognize. You become more involved with your students and more committed to helping them overcome issues. You become the teacher who is entrusted with the “problem” ESL student or called on to teach a class at the last minute. These issues can lead to burnout, exhaustion, and even meltdown. That’s why it makes sense for us to cover all these issues at once. You get used to problem solving as your career progresses. But for now, smart solutions from BusyTeacher are vastly preferable to waiting for problems to go away on their own.

  • 30 lessons divided into 17 common-sense problem-solving areas
  • 185 step-by-step instructions in overcoming common problems ESL teachers face
  • 24 tips for helping “problem” students constructively
  • 45 tips and tricks to target reading, writing, and listening classes

Have an ESL problem? Get proactive about it!

Reading a book from BusyTeacher is much like asking another ESL teacher – perhaps one with more experience than you for advice. The tips and tricks contained in this book enable you to take advantage of years of ESL teaching experience to solve your problems now, instead of waiting for them to go away or grow bigger. Our teacher-tested and approved ideas will help you take care of your students and yourself so your classes can get back on track. Once you’ve solved your problem, you can share the wisdom with another teacher in need by giving your advice, and the chain will keep going.

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