ESP Made Simple

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BusyTeacher’s best tips, tricks and teacher-tested methods for teaching ESP like an experienced professional, even if it’s your first day on the job.

ESP: you need a different approach for this different kind of ESL

Teaching English for Specific Purposes (ESP) can be more stressful than teaching other kinds of ESL for one specific reason: your students may be stressed, too. ESP students are already adults with professional lives who need to learn English, probably in a certain time limit, to get ahead in their profession or not be embarrassed while traveling. When they struggle with a concept, they’re not concerned about a test grade, like elementary learners. They may be concerned about their livelihood, or working with a time limit before an upcoming vacation. Tips from BusyTeacher’s experts, who have successfully taught a range of ESP learners, can help you keep the learning environment fun, keep stress levels down, and help your students learn and retain the information they need.

  • 300 step-by-step instructions for helping students master ESP
  • 195 tips and tricks for teaching Business English and any professional
  • sections for more than 10 different professions

Help your students succeed professionally, and fast

This book is filled with lesson plans that will teach your students English that they can start using in professional settings as soon as possible. You’ll have lessons filled with teacher-tested tips to help your students learn everything from phrases to e-mail and Twitter writing to phone etiquette. There are lessons filled with ideas on how to teach your students how to handle formal and informal issues in numerous professional settings.

Even if you’ve never taught adults before...

The book starts with one of BusyTeacher’s easy to follow, step-by-step “must read” guides on how to teach adults, perfect for teachers who are going outside of their comfort zone to teach their first ESP class. You’ll go from a teacher who has never dealt with adults to a pro who is helping everyone from police officers (pg. 60) to doctors (pg. 63) and businessmen and women (pg. 14 and beyond) master the skills they need for their international clientele.

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