Grammar Guru: How to Teach & Review English Grammar

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The lessons you need to help students learn grammar from the ground up, even if they don't know the difference between a noun and a verb yet.

Our best blend yet of grammar review and tips for teacher improvement

While our “Teach Grammar Like a Pro” titles are appropriate for dealing with tenses and complex grammatical concepts, there's also a necessity in the BusyTeacher library for a title like this. We knew we needed a book that would help teachers make sure their students could diagram a complete sentence before moving on to heavier grammar ideas, and combining these lessons with sections that help you become the best grammar teacher you can be just seemed like the most logical thing to do.

  • 26 sections of grammar tips and tricks for every level of learner
  • 24 “must read” step-by-step instructions for ESL teacher self-improvement
  • 110 grammar tips

Nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and fun grammar ideas

If your students have just started learning English, or know English but lack a grammatical foundation, then this is the right book for you. Lead them through grammar with our step-by-step approach, and we've included plenty of fun ideas to make it accessible along the way. Our “must read” sections help you grow as a grammar teacher, as you learn how to make grammar accessible for any ESL level. We've also included tips for teaching grammar at advanced levels as sometimes advanced spoken English classes are still completely unable to tell which part of a sentence is the noun, we've discovered. But BusyTeacher's “Grammar Guru” is here to remedy that situation once and for all!

Grammar lessons designed with ESL in mind

The best part about grammar lessons from the BusyTeacher library is that you have the comfort of knowing our lessons are designed for students learning English as a foreign language. As a result, they have been written for language students instead of children and already tested by other ESL teachers. You don't have to change a regular English elementary grammar lesson so it isn't too childish. Instead, these lessons are planned with your language learners, including adult ESL students, in mind.

When will I get it?

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