How To Plan Lessons Like a Pro

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ESL teacher-tested tips you need to plan flawless lessons that will get your language learners entertained and keep them focused.

A pinch of lesson plan prevention is worth a pound of classroom emergency management!

While at BusyTeacher we pride ourselves on having titles that cover every situation you might face in the classroom, including any emergency, lesson plans are one of the best tools available to help you avoid problems before they start, truly living up to the saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But we know that lesson planning isn’t something that just comes naturally, nor is it something that’s taught efficiently even in some of the most advanced teaching programs. For those who feel adrift, this book will make designing lessons seem so simple that you’ll be ready to start planning for tomorrow’s class!

  • 29 sections on how to plan and organize lessons
  • 185 teacher-tested tips and tricks that will simplify lesson planning and make you an expert
  • 25 tricks teaching you to use your course book to greatest effect
  • 65 bonus ideas for making lessons more interesting and engaging

A guidebook for planning your class

We planned this title for that very purpose: as a guidebook to help you plan out your class. That’s why you’ll find information on good lesson planning, productive lesson planning, fast lesson planning, planning lessons before the year starts, planning for technology, planning to avoid mistakes, planning to make the most out of your textbook (and even how to choose one!) and even tips on what to do once you encounter a mistake. We guide you through everything you might need to plan every part of a lesson, even solving problems.

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