How to Review and Test Like a Pro

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Tips and tricks you need to make testing less stressful and more successful for your ESL learners at every level.

Tests and reviews don’t have to be the worst part of class anymore

Students often think of reviewing and testing as the worst part of a unit, even if they enjoyed the unit. Suddenly, they’re forced to recall all of the unit’s information at once, and the pressure makes what was fun to learn suddenly painful and stressful to remember. They are either bored or overwhelmed by a review, and then may not perform as well during an assessment as they did when learning the original material. If your students’ testing grades aren’t matching their unit skills, it’s time for you to read this book!

  • 30 sections filled with ideas for how to make testing and reviewing as painless as possible
  • 185 tips and tricks to teach you the best ESL methods for reviewing and testing
  • 100 ideas to make reviewing and assessing as efficient as possible
  • 67 ideas for making ESL testing an enriching experience instead of a dreaded one

Accurately assess what your students know. Painlessly, too.

This book presents yet another situation in which the BusyTeacher approach can help you become the best teacher possible. Use reviewing and assessing methods that have been rigorously tested and found to be effective on language learners by other ESL teachers, instead of trying to discover new ways to help your students focus on remembering difficult information at the end of a unit. You’ll learn several ways to make reviewing fun and find tips on how to cater your reviewing to specific areas, like vocabulary, grammar, and verb tenses.

Design tests that will allow your students to succeed if they’re really learning.

Some of the most important sections of this book, though, are those that will help you design tests that really evaluate your students based on whether they’re learning. Instead of “high stakes” all-or-nothing questions, learn how to design tools like informal assessments, ESL-centered fill in the blank style tests and communication assessments that allow you to give your students a chance to really shine during testing. If your reviewing and testing is leading to student dread, it’s time for you to read this book today.

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