How to Start Teaching Like a Pro

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A crash course on becoming an ESL teacher, with all the information you need to handle your first few weeks on the job.

You got the job and you’re an ESL teacher. Now become a Pro!

Before you teach chemistry or math, you probably get an advanced degree that teaches you how to teach that subject. You learn everything you need to know about communicating the subject material, and handling the classroom. ESL instructors, however, come from a variety of backgrounds and teaching experience levels all over the world. That’s why we have a book that’s just for beginning teachers – those who are new to the field of ESL, and may not have any experience with teaching at all. This book covers everything you need!

  • 45 sections to give you an overview of everything you’ll face as an ESL teacher
  • 290 step-by-step instructions from ESL teachers on how to learn just about everything
  • 100 tips on the “basics” of teaching ESL from the job interview to being successful
  • 40 “do’s and don’ts” tips to help you avoid common mistakes as an ESL teacher

From your colleagues to class comprehension, learn the basics

When you start teaching, you may discover there’s a lot more to it than you previously thought. That’s why this book includes sections that are designed to help you get your bearings in a classroom, like “basics,” “how to teach,” “solving problems,” and “do’s and don’ts.” We’ve also included outside resources like websites that every ESL teacher should have at their disposal, and even tips for how to deal with glum, bored students on a rainy day. We really will have you prepared for anything!

There’s a difference between being new and being unprepared

When you start a new job, there will always be plenty to learn about your new school and your new students that we can’t possibly figure out for you, but your employers are going to expect you to know how to manage a class even if this is your first time in front of students. This book will help you get prepared for those first weeks in the classroom and teach you how to present yourself as a professional teacher in every situation. If you just got your hiring letter, read this book now, and be prepared for a smooth first day of class as you avoid all the “new teacher” problems that others have faced!

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