How to Teach Business English Like a Pro

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The ideas you need to plan lessons for business students that want to learn targeted ESL for business situations.

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This is a 39-page, 3-column PDF e-book with lessons on Business English for ESL learners who need their new language skills in a professional setting.

This is one case in which we put the purpose of this book right on the cover in the plainest language we could think of: “Business English students are very different from other ESL learners.” They have different goals, different measures of success, different pressures, and different learning needs. That’s why we have a book filled with lesson plans just for these students, so that you’ll be able to “gain” all of the experience BusyTeacher’s ESL instructors have learned from years of teaching Business English.

  • 24 sections filled with ideas for ESL lessons designed for business professionals
  • 200 step-by-step instructions for planning perfect lessons for ESL business students
  • 65 ideas in “tips and tricks” sections for helping lessons really stick

Less about verb tense and more about meeting etiquette

This book isn’t filled with lessons that you would need for beginner learners, like those about verb tenses, vocabulary or grammar. Instead, we’ve focused solely on lessons that you’ll only need in Business English classes that you may be able to adapt to classes at different levels, or even work into your other classes if you want to have business units. You’ll find extremely well thought-out lessons on how to teach writing business emails, learning business idioms, being professional in a business setting and handling every facet of finding employment from the job hunt to writing a résumé. Your Business English students will leave well prepared to navigate an English or bilingual career environment.

Tips and tricks you won’t find anywhere else to make Business English really “work”

We didn’t think it was enough to include lessons on certain business and professional tasks, like how to send an email or how to act appropriately in an office or prepare for an interview. That’s why we included special sections filled with our distinctive tips and tricks that make Business English easier than ever by providing you with ways to make lessons fun, as well as great projects and things your students “need to know” for the business world.

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