How to Teach Elementary and Pre-Intermediate Learners Like a Pro

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Tips and tricks you need to design perfect lessons for sensitive elementary language learners that are still developing the basics of ESL.

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  • 29 lessons designed especially for elementary and pre-intermediate ESL learners
  • 180 step-by-step instructions to make learning fun at this delicate stage of language learning
  • 45 tips for making learning vocabulary more fun and accessible
  • 50 tips for teaching tenses in ways that elementary learners will appreciate

This is a 33-page, 3-column PDF e-book with ideas for helping elementary and pre-intermediate ESL learners keep working on mastering the basics of ESL and find their passion for language learning.

Elementary and Pre-Intermediate: delicate levels that can permanently affect fluency

While beginner learners need attention since they’re just grasping the first lessons of ESL, elementary and pre-intermediate learners need their own special attention. This is the point at which many learners realize that things are starting to get confusing and more complex. There’s more to learn, more to remember, and more possible mistakes to make. While beginners might have had fun, students may start to feel pressure at this level if they didn’t before. That’s why a patient teacher who infuses fun into lessons is so important now, and BusyTeacher’s tips are more essential than ever.

Plenty of vocabulary ideas so that your students can say what they’re thinking

The “must read” section in this book contains important ideas for how to get your students to start thinking in English. This is extremely difficult, however, if they don’t have the words for what they’re thinking. While verb tenses and grammar are very important, some scientists have found that people who speak a language only use 750 core words every day. Imagine that! So you’re helping your students reach that 750-word goal (and hopefully thousands more). That’s why we devoted several sections to how to teach vocabulary, so that elementary students will pick up good vocabulary learning skills now that will serve them well for the rest of their ESL career.

ALL of the right lessons for elementary learners at the right point in their education

We’ve included the lessons that our extremely experienced instructors feel you need for elementary and pre-intermediate learners. Reading through the tips, you may find enough material with projects, holiday lessons, a textbook and a few outside resources recommended by BusyTeacher to take up an entire term. Get your elementary and pre-intermediate ESL students on the road to the love of language learning today.

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