How to Teach Intermediate and Advanced Learners Like a Pro

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Teach more complex lessons to more complex learners, moving far beyond verb tense and into the more delicate parts of language that mark native speakers.

Best ideas and tips from teachers working actively in the ESL field

Our method doesn’t just involve gathering the best ideas and tips from teachers working actively in the ESL field so that we can put them together into books and share them with you. It also means talking to teachers about what topics make sense in these books. What do intermediate and advanced learners need from their ESL teacher? What concepts are they ready for? What approaches work best with them? Only when we have the answers to these questions do we put together a book that can make you a pro at teaching these learners.

  • 400 ideas for working with intermediate and advanced learners
  • 80 tips and tricks for teaching advanced academic lessons
  • 185 steps for teaching grammar, logic and reasoning skills in English

Some of the most difficult teaching topics, and some of the most rewarding

Intermediate and advanced learners can be ready for some of the most difficult topics that you may cover with ESL learners. You’re responsible for teaching them the small personal nuances that they need to learn at this point in their education, such as apologies, but also important academic issues, like writing argumentative essays and doing proper research and citations. Intermediate and advanced ESL students are moving into topics where teachers often struggle to keep students engaged even in their primary language. Avoid that problem, by preparing with tips from the experts at BusyTeacher.

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