How to Teach Pronunciation Like a Pro

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Activities and tips you need to make one of the most difficult areas of learning English significantly less problematic for your students.

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This 39-page, 3-column PDF e-book has the ideas you need to help your students truly master pronunciation.
What's included:

  • 32 articles divided into 22 pronunciation-oriented categories
  • 200 tips and tricks to overcome pronunciation problems with ESL students
  • 70 ideas, in handy “how to” and “must read” sections, to help teachers improve
  • 60 teacher-tested ideas for pronunciation games, exercises and lessons that WORK

Pronunciation is a minefield

Pronunciation is one of the most difficult areas of teaching ESL. It can easily become a minefield, where students who have previously been successful suddenly struggle and feel inadequate. Common phonetic problems and students’ responses, either withdrawal in class, sadness or anger, can vary significantly in different ESL teaching locations. Our teacher-tested tips work regardless of your situation. If you want to teach pronunciation more efficiently, now is the time.

Tips from the experts on teaching perfect pronunciation to every student

Be prepared with tips from BusyTeacher’s experts, ESL professionals who have taught learners at every level all over the world. You’ll be able to recognize the most common issues students have with pronunciation and how to target and fix these issues early.

Games, activities, resources and more smart solutions for pronunciation problems

This book has lesson plans and activities that bring pronunciation to life. You’ll be able to intermingle more traditional lessons like sounding out words from the textbook with games, teacher-tested fun exercises, rhymes, and even chants. Learn how experts teach their students to sound like natural English speakers, by mastering intonation and stress. Pronunciation is extremely important in helping ESL students fit into English speaking situations, so make sure that you’re giving them all the tools they’ll need to master these skills!

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