How to Teach with Technology Like a Pro

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You'll learn how to teach effective and fun lessons that integrate technology in the classroom so that your students will be “plugged in” to learn English, without "tuning out" while distracted in class.

What exactly is included?

  • 42 “must read” steps for bringing technology to the classroom
  • 190 tips and tricks for using the Internet and tech tools in dynamic lessons
  • 65 ways to use computers and the Internet to make English lessons fun
  • 45 ways to use TV and video to make lessons and concepts come alive

This is a 40-page, 3-column PDF e-book with lessons that will keep students interested and entertained by integrating technology with English lessons.

Students are more connected to technology than ever, so use it to teach them

The news is always featuring some new articles about how connected students are to the Internet and their cell phones. They use Facebook or other social media to stay in touch in their free time, consume TV and media at home and on the go at high rates with mobile devices. To design English lessons that will reach people with topics that already interest them, integrate products they already use by designing your lessons around technology. This book has lesson plans that will show you how!

Students texting during class? Harness those cell phones to teach English!

Technology can cause some major distractions in the classroom and often teachers complain about students who text and use the Internet on their laptops instead of paying attention to lessons. But what if there was a way to push English lessons straight into your students’ devices? The lessons in this book give you ways to use cell phones productively in the classroom. We'll also show you ways to use social networks for English lessons and the best mobile apps for your students.

“Teacher, can’t we watch a movie?” “Of course we can!”

Students occasionally want to watch movies because they believe it will allow them to waste time, but this book has lessons on how to use movies to help your students really grasp English concepts, Your students will end every video viewing with more knowledge of English than before if you use these methods. Stop trying to ban technology, and instead integrate it into your lessons. You’ll find more effective ways to get students’ attention and help them stay connected the right way.

When will I receive it?

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