How to Teach Young Learners Like a Pro

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Methods that really work to help the youngest ESL learners start developing a love of the English language without overwhelming them while they’re still learning their native language.

What exactly are those methods?

  • 120 tips and tricks to teach ESL for young learners like an experienced pro
  • 50 “must read” and classroom management ideas you can master right away
  • 50 tips for teaching fun, engaging lessons on basic topics and drills

This is a 28-page, 3-column PDF e-book with teacher-tested secrets you need to reach young ESL learners with techniques that work.

Children are very different ESL learners

If you’ve dealt with teenage or adult learners, then making the transition to teaching children can be a bit daunting. How can you communicate a lesson about past participles to students who haven’t learned what a past participle is? And yet, mastering the basics of teaching young learners like a pro is not just possible but fairly simple with these lessons from our experienced ESL teachers. Our staff share all the “secrets” they’ve learned from working with different levels of learners, and what you need to know to bring the best ESL lessons to young learners right now.

Help someone fall in love with English

As you’ll notice in one of the very first sections of the book, our teaching experts discuss that young learners really are fertile ground for immersion learning. Instead of trying to fit English into a framework that they already have in place for their native language and customs, they are just developing their knowledge and this is considered one of the best times to learn a new language, which is probably why you have a classroom of young learners! Everything they experience has the opportunity to be new and fun if you make it that way. Learn to teach young ESL students like a pro, and you just create a love of English that stays with them for the rest of their lives!

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