Most Common Mistakes Language Students Make

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Learn how to spot, gently correct, and help your students avoid permanently making some of the most common mistakes that every ESL learner makes when first learning English.

Hmmm... What exactly is included?

  • 115 tips and tricks to help you spot and correct common ESL mistakes
  • 35 of our “must read” steps to help you improve in just a few minutes
  • 30 tips for targeted areas like stress/intonation, pronunciation, and listening

Not sure which ESL mistakes are small and which will grow?

Students make mistakes are part of the learning experience, and as teachers, it’s our job to correct them smoothly and help them avoid making the same mistake repetitively. However, when it comes to ESL, things are a little bit different than most subjects. Teachers need to consider a wide range of problems, solutions and goals when assessing mistakes and providing corrections. Learn from our teacher-tested tips how to work with your ESL students on correcting what really matters.

It’s not always necessary to correct your ESL student

This is actually one of the most important lessons in the book, since it’s one that our teaching professionals have learned over seasons of ESL teaching: when and how to “not” correct a mistake. They share their secrets and methods on how to tell when a mistake isn’t an “important” one, and when it’s important to encourage students. However, there are still some mistakes that do need to be corrected immediately and this book will point those out to you as well, so you can even design lessons that help your students avoid them. Your ESL students will make plenty of mistakes. With this book, you’ll know when to ignore the little ones, fix the big ones, and put the student first.

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