Most Common Classroom Management and Lesson Planning Mistakes We Make

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A road map for turning any mistake you make as an ESL teacher into a triumph with step-by-step instructions. Erase management mistakes and turn problem students into eager learners!

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  • the causes of 25 common problems and how to fix them, featuring easy to follow instructions
  • 150 solutions. This ebook never features a "mistake" without solving it.
  • Sections specifically for online ESL teachers, high school ESL teachers, and new ESL teachers
  • Color-coded blue and green layout, so you can easily find sections, steps, tips, and takeaways

This is a 32-page 3-column PDF ebook that covers 25 common problems ESL teachers face. In fact, you'll likely find one in the table of contents that you could use a solution for right now!

When your mistakes need real, well-researched solutions

This book has solutions for ESL teachers written by ESL teachers. When you have a problem with your car, you don't take it to a computer store and ask the tech specialist for his opinion. You take it to a mechanic! Only those with experience in the ESL field understand the most common problems in this profession, and that's why we've gathered the best advice available to tackle these situations from every angle, for those who want to be taken seriously as ESL professionals.

In case of emergency, break open this book!

We've even included two sections for when all seems lost: one for dealing with an ESL teacher breakdown, one for facing a disaster lesson, and one for dealing with hostile students. If you feel completely overwhelmed by your salary, your students, your management, your schedule, or even textbooks not being returned, the solutions are in this book. With this ebook, you can search for important buzzwords such as "homework," "morale," or "inappropriate," and find the solution that you need right now. With this book, you don't have to make the same ESL teaching mistakes tomorrow that you made in the past, and you'll be prepared to avoid new problems in the future.

Learn to manage your students and classroom like a pro!

The amount of mistakes you make and the way you fix them is what separates those who are new to the world of teaching ESL from those who are veterans in the field. But even those with decades of experience may deal with certain recurring issues, or new problems as student behavior has changed drastically in the last decade. That's why we've gathered all of the most common mistakes and their solutions in Most Common Classroom Management and Lesson Planning Mistakes We Make, so that you can avoid them (or fix them) and be well on your way to controlling your classroom and maintaining the respect of your students. Learn to solve mistakes like: not having a plan B, correcting your students unnecessarily, forgetting cultural differences, and over 100 other mistakes this book has solutions for.

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