How to Encourage and Motivate Learners Like a Pro: 30 Secrets Every English Teacher Should Know

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200 teacher-tested tips and methods for encouraging your students and turning them into motivated ESL learners!

Silence is your worst enemy

One of the most difficult things you'll face in ESL is silence. You spend time planning a lesson, you try to pick subjects students will be passionate about, and you're still met with blank stares and a completely silent class. There could be many reasons for this problem, including shyness, feelings of being overwhelmed, and boredom, but this book covers them all! Find over 200 ways to motivate and encourage ESL learners at every age and level, regardless of what's causing the "disconnect."

  • 200 tips for turning quiet, indifferent students into passionate learners including:
  • 18 methods from veteran ESL teachers to help your students grow their confidence
  • 40 amazing ways to encourage students and help raise their participation levels
  • 20 tips for encouraging student motivations
  • 30 ways to turn student learning styles into teaching assets
  • 70 ways to encourage students in specific areas like speaking and reading

Start with our teacher-tested tips for motivating any student

We start this book with a few pages of tips that you can use immediately with all your students. Even if you're not facing a problem right now, you'd be ready for a huge lull in student participation five minutes from now if it happened. Even the most smoothly run classes have 'off' days, especially with students stressed by so many other learning sources, so you should be prepared for a quiet day at some point. Now you'll be able to get your ESL students back on track like a pro!

Organized so that you can find your specialized "motivation" answer quickly

This book is organized in a way that makes it simple to find a solution to whatever problem you're facing right now, with sections dedicated to not just motivation and encouragement, but also confidence, learning styles, speaking, writing and more. If you have a classroom of adult ESL learners who don't participate, simply look for articles under the heading "speaking" and look for those related to adult learners. There are tips not only for that situation, but also for difficult groups like middle schoolers, teenage ESL learners, and multilevel classrooms.

When will I get it?

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