770 Printable ESL Flashcards: The Only ESL Flashcard Collection You Will EVER Need!

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770 high resolution, poster quality flashcards that are ideal for printing.

Organized into 28 sub-sets that cover most popular ESL topics such as Objects, Animals, Food and Drinks, Holidays, People, Sports, and more.

Advice: 33 cards
Animals: 85 cards
Faces: 50 cards
Food and Drinks: 47 cards
Holidays: 82 cards
Nature and Weather: 8 cards
Objects: 154 cards
People: 22 cards
Sports: 64 cards
Transport: 18 cards
Travel: 61 cards
Actions/Verbs: 134 cards
Zodiac: 12 cards

Why do I need it?
Comes with a special tailor made manual to help you use these flashcards in your classroom. Tons of suggestions for several types of activities, and specific instructions on how to make the best use of your new set of ESL flashcards!

How can I get it?
This is a downloadable ZIP archive with JPG flashcards and a PDF manual. You'll receive your unique download link immediately after payment. There's no shipping involved.

If you're using an iOS device, you'll need to download and unpack the ZIP archive on a desktop computer first, then transfer to your device (iOS devices cannot unpack ZIP archives).

All flashcards are black-and-white with a blue fold-back part - see in the preview pictures on the right. Most of the cards have the definition on them, so that you could either show it to your learners right away, or fold it so that it is not immediately visible. Some cards of verbs and actions don't have it - you'll be able to use them to explain/elicit various definitions.