ESL Teachers Ask: Answers To The Most Common Questions

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The questions you have always been afraid to ask experts in the field about how to cultivate the ESL professional within you and become the best in your workplace.

Why do I need it? 
ESL instructors often work alone or move through several positions, so who can you ask for guidance? Now you have a convenient reference resource filled with expert answers for ESL teachers’ questions.

    This is a 28-page, 3-column PDF e-book with answers to your most burning questions as an ESL professional. 

    Some professions take place in a rigid corporate environment. Individuals enter at the bottom, then work their way through the structure while constantly receiving advice.

    Teaching ESL is not one of these professions. Even with extensive training, you may immediately find yourself in a situation without anyone more experienced around. Who can provide answers for some of your most common problems, from wrangling your very youngest learners to integrating technology? The experts at BusyTeacher have gathered these solutions in our latest book.

    Features and Highlights

    • 26 sections, filled with in-depth answers ESL professionals need now
    • 150 step-by-step instructions to answer important ESL teachers’ questions
    • 35 tips and tricks for different teaching situations, from Skype to summer classes
    • 65 ideas for your classroom questions, from handling boring textbooks to grammar

    Like A Mentor You Can Call Whenever You Need Serious ESL Teaching Advice

    All of BusyTeacher’s titles are designed to help you improve as an ESL professional as you hone your skills in the field that you enjoy. However, ESL Teachers Ask is our opportunity to let experts share answers to questions that cover a wide variety of topics you will face at some point in your career. Learn if you’re good at teaching ESL, become a memorable teacher, master ESL for 3-year-olds, and even learn how to perform a lesson with parents in attendance. If you’ve recently found yourself stuck with ESL problems and no answers, then this is the title for you.