How to Teach ESL Summer Camp Like a Pro

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How to teach the perfect ESL summer camp, with lesson plans, endless activities, and fun games for English learners at every stage.

ESL summer camp is only as good as the best plans… So here are the best plans!

Summer camps have long been accepted as one of the best ways to learn a new skill. Students practice repetitively in an environment where they can focus on a single subject and as a result, they gain a significant amount of knowledge in a short amount of time. But a summer camp is only as good as the planning you put into it! An ESL summer camp requires careful preparation, from picking a theme around which to build your camp and English lessons, to activities that will keep students engaged, and games that will help them have fun so you won’t face a summertime mutiny. Here's what this book provides:

  • 220 tips and tricks for designing and carrying out the best ESL summer camp
  • 185 ideas for engaging and inspiring English-oriented activities
  • 40 teacher-tested tips for planning and preparing the right camp for your students

Plan the ESL camp you’ve always wanted to hold!

With hundreds of teacher-tested tips and methods provided by BusyTeacher ESL experts, your ESL learners will be able to improve their comfort with reading and speaking in English while still having a fun camp experience that they won’t soon forget. Camp is an ideal opportunity to immerse learners in English without the high pressure associated with a classroom. They can learn in a very different way, without the same structure of tests and assessments that many students dislike about learning a new language. Use these tips to plan the ESL camp you’ve always wanted to hold, and you may find your students learning English much more quickly and happily!

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