Amazing Lessons You Can Teach With Things Around You

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30 activities that use fun, common objects to create unique and attention-grabbing ESL lessons.

Common objects? How exactly does this work?

Often, language learners run into the same objects again and again while going through lessons. Seeing worksheets every day or knowing that every class will begin with the same form of grammar exercise can only excite so much creativity from your students. That's why the ESL teachers who test our methods have discovered it's essential to offer students the unexpected. Memorable lessons can make difficult subject matter more memorable as well, which sets up a win-win situation. Exciting, unexpected lessons don't require expensive supplies. This book teaches you how to plan exhilarating lessons with just the objects you already own!

  • 30 topics that turn everyday objects into lesson-enhancing super-tools
  • 250 tips and tricks for using props to liven up your classroom
  • an average of 8 lesson ideas per everyday item

'Twas the night before class... And your lesson plan is a bit dull...

This is the perfect book when you have your lesson planned and realize that it just needs something more to really pull students in and keep them interested. You may already have an entire lesson planned on the future tense, or greetings, but you know something is missing. It's that ephemeral “something” that's going to keep your students involved, and help them absorb the lesson. But it's 10pm the night before class! Open this book. Find seven ways to use a whistle to get your students involved and active in the lesson, or seven ways to get students to use the dreaded cell phone to help instead of hinder class.

When will I get it?

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