How to Teach Different Levels Like a Pro

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The basics you should know to teach ESL at every level, from beginner through advanced, with four learning levels in between.

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This is a 57-page, 3-column PDF e-book that will show you how to harmoniously transition from one level of teaching to the next, whether you’re facing elementary or advanced ESL learners.
What's included:

  • 300 step-by-step instructions for teaching fun, engaging multi-level lessons
  • 115 tips for beginner or elementary learners
  • 32 tips for pre-intermediate and intermediate learners
  • 145 tips for upper-intermediate and advanced learners

Lost teaching your multi-level class? We'll help you sort it out!

Multi-level classes can be extremely frustrating or very rewarding, depending on your perception. With these lesson plans from BusyTeacher, however, we aim to permanently turn multi-level classes into a chance for different levels of learners to enjoy a class together while learning important ESL skills, instead of a stressful event that overwhelms teachers.

Everything from teaching the days of the week to filling out college applications

Your ESL career is going to be extremely varied, if it hasn’t been already, so you need to have plenty of lessons ready for every level. With this book, you’ll be prepared with a few lessons for every learning level and every multi-level classroom. We can’t guarantee that you’ll never be stressed, but if your stress comes from not being able to prepare when you don’t know the experience level of your ESL students, then you’ll never face that again.

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This is a PDF e-book, so you won't have to wait days for delivery. You'll receive your personalized download link immediately after payment. No shipping and no waiting involved.