How to Teach English Abroad Like a Pro: 35 Secrets You Should Know About Teaching Abroad

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Things you need to know to instruct students effectively and thrive professionally in four of the most in-demand ESL teaching destinations, along with bonus ideas for any locale.

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This is a 55-page, 3-column PDF e-book filled with information on how to successfully teach English in some of the most popular international locations.

  • 225 step-by-step instructions for teaching ESL abroad like a pro
  • 40 "must read" tips on what you need to know about teaching ESL overseas
  • 50 teacher-tested tips each for teaching ESL in Japan and Thailand, as well as sections for Russia and Mexico!
  • an additional 40 bonus ideas that will help you teach ESL abroad anywhere

Ready for a great adventure? Get ready to teach ESL abroad the right way!

Some of the most successful adventures are those that start with the best plans. If you’ve decided that you’re ready to try a less traditional method of teaching, or you’ve just finished ESL training and you’re ready to spread your wings, then this is the title for you. We’ve put the best advice and teacher-tested tips for some of the most advantageous teaching destinations abroad all in one place, to create the most convenient reference to jumpstart your ESL career abroad.

Once you’re ready to teach overseas, we'll help you teach like a pro from Day 1

We believe that no matter what your ESL teaching situation, you don’t have to be unprepared on your first day. Teaching abroad presents a unique set of challenges, but the ability to overcome those issues efficiently can make you look like an experienced teacher even if this is your first assignment! Our teacher-tested tips, divided by popular regions, as well as our “must read” tips and bonus materials for any teaching location, will help you assess and manage everything, from whether teaching abroad is right for you to culture-specific problems to making the best of your teaching abroad experience in every way.

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