How to Teach Grammar Like A Pro: Book 3

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Brand new activities, information, and tips that turn boring grammar lessons into something that will leave your students sad that class is over and they have to leave.

What is included?

  • 80 tips and tricks for teaching parts of speech, including tough topics like adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns
  • 20 brand new ideas to integrate into innovative lessons on teaching tenses
  • 23 tips in our “must read” sections to help you become an expert on teaching English grammar for ESL
  • 60 other ideas for teaching types of grammar, such as clauses and articles
  • All together, 185 step-by-step instructions for turning unhappy class situations into useful grammar lessons filled with successful students

It’s time to turn grammar into their favorite ESL lesson… Again.

Grammar is a difficult subject, even for native speakers. ESL students can occasionally feel completely overwhelmed. Even if you’re the type of ESL professional who has mastered infusing fun into all your classroom plans, you may still be struggling with those grammar lessons. That’s why it’s no surprise to us that our “How to Teach Grammar Like a Pro” Series, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, have both become bestsellers. Tenses, parts of speech, predicates – it’s hard to make students understand how important they are during the best of times, but during a boring lesson, their brains may check out altogether. Fortunately, we have the answer, and you can learn it very, very quickly.

Even more new grammar teaching ideas!

Two bestselling books filled with ideas about how to teach grammar for ESL just weren’t enough, which is why we decided to take the new knowledge we’ve gathered since we published the last book and put it together for a new title. Novel and creative ideas range every topic in this book, from using dance to learn adjectives to using a game of clues to learn about clauses. If you’ve been struggling to teach grammar the fun way, or you loved our first two titles, but you want something fresh, this is your book. It’s time to start teaching grammar like a pro!

When will I get it?

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