Beyond Grammar: How to Teach Real Life Skills

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The information you need to teach ESL students who need to function in an English speaking culture, facing less formal situations like excuses, sarcasm, and emergencies.

There’s much more to life than the Future Perfect, so teach it all

While it’s true that there are some students who are just taking ESL classes as part of their education and don’t particularly care to retain the knowledge, a vast majority of your students would like to able to actually interact and survive in another culture. While textbooks are starting to take this situation into account, they still aren’t covering a myriad of situations that your students may need on their very first day in another culture.

  • 130 ideas on teaching students to deal with real life English situations
  • 40 tips and tricks for teaching directions, shopping, and negotiations
  • 15 tips for teaching cultural and historical references

Your ESL students will be prepared for new friendships, experiences and successes

Lack of a common language can be a huge barrier, but if your student has faith in his or her ESL skills, then they will always be at an advantage over another student who doesn’t try. That confidence comes from knowing that a teacher prepared them for regular situations, so there is no fear of social embarrassment. As an ESL teacher, it may be your job to ensure that your students learn all of the proper tenses and vocabulary lessons for their learning level. But mixing formal lessons with lessons on how to use ESL skills to make new friends, negotiate a deal, and even defuse an awkward situation will help your students remember what they’re learning. Opportunities to use their skills right now will give them opportunities to practice what they learn in ESL and engrain more formal vocabulary, pronunciation and other skills at the same time.

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