You, The Super Teacher: Advanced ESL Tips And Tricks Every Teacher Should Know

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The latest gathering of top ideas from the experts at BusyTeacher, to help you become the best ESL teacher you can be and run the most efficient classroom at your school.

Hmm... What exactly are those ideas?

  • 60 tips spread through eight must-read sections
  • 70 tricks for specialized types of ESL learners, from adults to online students
  • 99 ideas for lessons on classroom control, communication, and organization

This is a 65-page, 3-column PDF e-book with the newest lessons and advice from BusyTeacher’s experts on how to be a super ESL teacher.

Super teachers have one thing you don’t … and it isn’t more passion

You probably know a super teacher, the kind that seems to have it all under control, mastering everything from the role of the disciplinarian to helping a broad range of learners … even those online! You might presume that teacher has more experience than you do, but what the teacher really has is more information. Fortunately for you, that type of information isn’t hidden at the top of some crazy mountain at the end of some amazing quest. It’s right here, gathered in the latest title from BusyTeacher.

More knowledge means a happier, better-organized, better-controlled classroom

… with you as the next super teacher starting now. You’ll be able to help your students remember what they learn, while you keep them on the right track and deal with any problems as they occur. You’ll also have new, specialized skills to help individual learners, adult learners, online learners, and many other segments of the ESL community with unique needs.

Awesome, so when will I get it?

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