Your Perfect Classroom: Creative Ideas That Just Work

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Your best class = you + well-planned activities + a perfect classroom

You'll learn how to create a calm, interactive classroom in which you can focus 99% of your energy on your students. Why not 100%? Because of distracted students! ;)

Stop wasting time on side issues; just teach

You became an ESL teacher to make an impact, not to spend all your time on side issues. Unfortunately, a lot of your time is still spent on ESL issues like wondering how to handle students at different levels of ability, figuring out if they’re really absorbing the material, and dealing with their parents. Instead of trying to solve all this by yourself, use these proven fixes to take care of the small stuff and get back to teaching:

  • 250 tips to create the perfect classroom as a professional teacher
  • 80 ideas in our special “Must Read” sections, covering everything from staying calm to dealing with parents and substitutes to using necessary resources
  • 80 tricks devoted specifically to helping you develop as an ESL teacher
  • 50 suggestions on how to set up the ideal classroom, from incorporating multiculturalism to overcoming challenges

Sidestep the complications and get back to teaching

This e-book will let you get back to teaching in a calm, productive environment in which all the students will feel able to participate. Craft the learning atmosphere that both you and your students have dreamed of, and get back to what made you want to stand in front of an ESL classroom in the first place.

Awesome, so when will I get it?

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